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Kasdiving meets Cafe Neptün

Since May 2016 we are moved to our new place.

Now our guests are able to start the day with a nice cup of coffee before the dive and spend the rest of the evening with delicious snacks at Neptün Café.

Tauchen-Award 2014

Dear Diving Friends

Thanks to your unbelievable support we’ve been nominated each year by the TAUCHEN MAGAZIN since 2010.

We couldn’t have been happier when we actually won the prize two times for


Tauchen-Award 2012

Dear Kas-Diving guests, thanks to your voices, we were distinguished as the “best diving base at the Mediterranean Sea”.

A big thank-you to everybody!

Tauchen-Award 2012: The winners are certain

New wreck sinks

Also with this year’s 14th Kas festival there was a special event: Since the 6/25/2011 we have in Kas another highlight for all divers. In the Neptune reef / Üc Kaya the former boat of the coastguard was sunk. It concerns a speedboat that in 1959 was built in Germany and left in 1961 in the water. The boat with the name TCSG 119 has a long of 28.9 m and a weight of 70 t. It stands slightly at an angle on Kiel. The bug is in a depth of 10 m and the rear ends with 22 m. The wreck is very light to betauchen and is suited very well for beginner and experienced divers. On account of the nearness to the Neptune reef the first fish will soon settle there.

Anew with Kas Diving! Vacation with Qi gong and Tai Chi

Diving and Tai Chi – Pure Relaxation. From the 22  to  26 of October 2014 we are offering our guests a further activity: a Tai Chi and Qigong Course. In the morning you can enjoy the relaxing, beneficial effect of a thousands- of- years- old tradition – and in the afternoon you can discover the fascinating underwater world of the lycian coast near Kas. Whether you are a diver or a non-diver – the ideal opportunity to reduce stress and increase your vitality at this beautiful spot.This course is for everyone who is interested in Qi gong and Tai Chi – beginners and more advanced students alike.

Special offer : 5 x 3 hours for 220.00€.

Further informations under:, or

Aircraft wreck

In the 7/1/2009 a new aircraft wreck in the Lighthouse spot was sunk. The Dakota 47C lies on approx. 20 m.

New mooring

Our diving boat, the Abyss, has a new mooring! Our new mooring is in close vicinity of the base, directly beside the coastguard.

New wreck

Ship type: Steel boat without engine, approx. 14 m long
Construction year: 1993 / Kas Antalya Turkey
Date of the setting: 14th of May, 2006 at 11.40 o’clock, Kas – Turkey
Cause: intentionally sinks from diving schools in Kas
The diving place: Boat body between 22 m (rear) and 26 m (bug) everything intactly – approx. 50 m of the Mavi wreck remotely

History: A company from Kas started to build the steel boat 13 years ago. However, for different reasons it was never finished and lay during 13 years before a carpenter’s workshop. In the beginning of 2006 the diving schools bought the boat from Kas and sank it of the nearness of the Mavi wrecks.

Diving Boat Abyss

Also on our boat we have some innovations. So that it is sheltered from the wind for our guests especially in the spring and in autumn, we have used at the side window and doors.