Cave 2

This dive spot receives a constant flow of fresh water providing a 1mtr layer of crystal clear water above a thermocline of a similar thickness that lies on top of the sea water. The abundance of fresh water reduces the visibility in the area but clarity is restored directly outside the cave entrance. The entrance is between 5 and 6 mtrs and is wide enough to take 2 divers side by side, making it ideal for beginners. On entering the cave the divers turn left and travel 3 to 4 mtrs before they can ascend. You pass quickly into the thermocline and surface into the cavern through the fresh water. The air is clean and fresh and light penetrates the cave although a lamp is needed to get the best view. Divers are unlikely to linger at the surface as the water temperature is between 6 – 8 degrees (shorties are not recommended)!

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