After a 15 minute journey one reaches the Chicken Bay. This shallow bay offers us the ideal place for beginner's courses, night dives or a quiet afternoon relaxed dive. The bay provides a choice of different dives. Travel South and on the 20 mtr line you will arrive on the remains of a small single engined aeroplane, the wings are detached from the body which lies on its side. Remain in the shallows of the bay and look for sea horses, octupus and garfish. Move North and you will reach the remains of the underwater archeopark where a number of replica amphora are laid out modeled on the recently discovered site of the Uluburun Wreck. If you continue and drop to the 27 mtr line you will find the remains of the replica wreck.Amberjack, turtles and a wide variety of small rock living marine can be found throughout the bay

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