Fener Kulesi/Lighthouse/Ottoman Wreck/DC3(Dakota)

There is a wide choice of dives at this particular spot that lies in a sheltered bay enabling diving in almost all sea conditions. A reef leads from a small lighthouse to end at about 20 mtrs, if you remain on the 20 mtr line you can find the Ottoman Wreck although it is difficult to spot being completly covered in plant and weed growth. More recently a complete DC3(Dakota) was placed at 20 mtrs. The aircraft was left in a parachutists fit with a wide side entrance and bench seats along the sides. 2 divers can enter easily side by side and view the cockpit through the doorway to the forward cabin. Light penetrates through the windows along the sides. Externally the aircraft is covered with plant growth providig feeding for a wide variety of fish. Turtles, eagle rays, sting rays, amberjack, octopus and cuttlefish are frequently seen here.

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