This diving site is one of our most popular places. After an about 30 minute journey, during which is is possible to see many small flying fish, we reach the reef the top of which is at 5 mtrs. The centre of the reef is a small saddle at 6 – 7 mtrs rising to 5 mtrs on either side. The reef drops off to around 100 mtrs and as there is often surface current, descent is usually down the anchor line. A small struggle with the current is amply rewarded with many large groupers from 35 mtrs to 20 mtrs, amberjack from 25 mtrs to 10 mtrs and barracuda from 15 mtrs to the surface. When the conditions are fright it is fascinating to watch as the different species work together to heard and attack the large schools of smelt. Turtles can often be found at each end of the reef and various nuidibranches all around the reef

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