From to coast travel East to find the shell of a steel boat at around 24 mtrs. Although not old this hull is covered in marine growth and is visited by schools of amberjack, an occasional turtle, nuidibranches and hermit crab groups that live under the side on the sand. Move up to the 20 mtr line and after a long swim over the sand and seagrass where you may find sea hares and rays you will come upon the original Mavi Wreck that has virtually fallen to pieces. An abundance of marine life remains in this vicinity, look carefully for large scorpion fish in the wreckage. If you can continue to travel east at the 27 mtr point you will find a reef that is littered with many pieces and complete amphora and old anchors. Back on the coast on the North side of the island you will find a sculpture of a shark at 6 mtrs carved out of marble. Often you can see pairs of flying gunards on or between the reef and the island.

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