Day Trips

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Other Activities

Besides diving, Kas offers many other activities that will be sure to provide a relaxing, mind-altering holiday with interesting adventures and exciting stories to tell those back home! If you are a “sun lover”, interested in local culture or the landscape and nature, Kas must be experienced. You will most likely find that you will want to return time and again! – the many activites around Kas have something to offer everyone (e.g. boat trips, jeep safaris, excursions, walking, climbing, paragliding and watersports just to mention a few).

Swimming & Boat Trips

Alongside the rocky coast there are many small and quiet beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters. There is for example, the Kaputas beach that is close to Kas and can be reached easily by Dolmus (small public buses) or by boat. This place is perfect for snorkeling or just taking a cool swim in the turquoise mediterranean waters…

Within 45 min. from Kas there is the beach of Patara stretching out for 18 kilometres and allowing for endless walks along the waterfront. This fine sandy beach is not only a paradise for swimming and snorkeling but also a protected area for sea turtles laying their eggs in that area…

Following the signs of ancient times: Kekova & Myra

For those of you who prefer to travel back to ancient times you will find the Kas area to hold a huge amount of historically interesting sites. Many relics from formerly flourishing cities and ports are the usual destinations of daily excursions.

Kekova: The island of Kekova and the village of Kale / Simena are a perfect destination for an idyllic boat trip. Alongside the rocky coast you can discover the picturesque remains of an ancient castle and the ruins of the sunken city of Kekova. After an underwater earthquake this ancient byzantine city sunk into the coastal waters. It is particularly impressive to admire these ancient remains from a glass bottom boat.

Myra: The ancient city of Myra is located nearby to the modern city of Kale (Demre) and is said to be the homeland of the holy Saint Nickolas (the “Santa Claus”) who was bishop in Myra in the year 350 A.D. Besides the famous St.Nickolas church located in the city centre there is a very well preserved roman amphitheatre worth visiting. Skilfully decorated sarcophogi and the impressive rock tombs of Myra are masterpieces of the lycian culture and construction arts.


Due to the varying landscape and the Taurus mountains around Kas, this location is not only attractive for sun bathing and those visitors interested in history, but also for freaks of raw nature. The rocky land simply invites one to undertake motorbike and jeep tours or wonderful hiking and climbing excursions, where you can enjoy the clear, fresh air of the mountains and beautiful views.

The weekly Kas Bazaar

A special and very “oriental” experience is a visit of the bazaar in Kas ( every friday ), a kind of open market, where everything is sold by turkish locals – from fruit and vegetables up to “original” clothes..

Trout barbecue in the mountains

It is an interesting alternative to the mediterranean flair of Kas to plan a trip to the mountain village of Gömbe. The way there leads you along a beautiful panorama road through cool woods until you reach this calm little village surrounded by large fruit trees. Gömbe is well known for its small restaurants with their own trout breeding farm. It is located next to several small mountain rivers where you can take a comfortable rest under shady trees, enjoy a meal of fresh fish and a good glass of wine – and wait for the nightfall.

Climbing in the canyon of Saklikent

For those who like hiking and climbing, a daytrip to Saklikent is an absolute must. This little village is located in a hidden place in the mountains and provides the entrance to a rocky canyon of more than 2 kilometres length. This area is perfect for extensive walks and climbing deep in the canyon is a real challenge to climbing freaks. The icy waters of the small canyon river offer cool refreshment particularly on a hot summer´s day.

Paragliding in Kas

Experience the feeling of drifting over paradise and make your dream of flying a reality. Enjoy the view of the azure-blue ocean and the islands from a bird’s perspective. The professional team at Sky Sports take you to the starting point at approximately 1000 meters, and from there you will make your tandem flight…