Dive Spots

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Diving Spots

Kas rightly enjoys the call of a real diver’s paradise with a great visibility up to 40 m, pleasant water temperatures (from 20°C in May to 28°C in August) and an attractive underwater world.

Excessively covered reefs, imposing walls and a substantial fish population have established more than 30 diving spots all around the Kas area. Our boat trips lead to a wide assortment of locations with different depths and degrees of difficulty that offer a choice suitable for every taste, so that beginners as well as experienced diving freaks can enjoy their diving to the full.

Some of our favourite diving spots are described in greater detail to prepare for the diving adventures which you can expect in Kas.

Simply click on the small diver’s flags on the map. You can see other diving spots to the west and to the east of Kas if you click on the red arrows under the map.

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